This quote by George Lucas about Star Wars has been making its rounds on the Interwebs recently:

People don’t actually realize it’s actually a soap opera and it’s all about family problems — it’s not about spaceships.

It’s ironic that he said this because it explains exactly why the prequels were so bad. Lucas was a special-effects trailblazer pushing the boundaries of what could be shown on the big screen, but by trying to cram spaceships into every bit of the screen he forgot all about the story that drove his space opera.

Now, I’m not one of those fanatical anti-Lucas freaks. And I’m not a defender of all things St. George produces. But the quote above shows how much he’d lost touch with what made the original trilogy so great. While it didn’t thrill me that one corporation moved one step closer to owning all of the great entertainment properties, I was still excited to hear that he’d sold Star Wars to Disney. A fresh start was desperately needed to revitalize a once great, ahem, empire.

Based on the little we’ve seen so far and the enormous amount of fan reaction leading up to the premiere of Episode VII, I’d have to say the greatest space opera of all time is heading in the right direction.


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