The Coronet



It’s amazing how much things have changed in my lifetime. Back in 1977, Star Wars opened in 37* theaters nationwide. In less than two weeks The Force Awakens will open in a few more locations; AMC reports that it’s already filled over 1,600 theaters while setting ticket sales records.

The Coronet Theater in San Francisco was one of those 37 theaters that first showed the adventures of Luke and the gang.

Although it was demolished in 2007, the theater is still fondly remembered by many. I enjoyed this oral history of the Coronet and its place in Star Wars history.

My own personal Coronet, the Pasadena Academy, is still standing, but it was converted to a multiplex many moons ago. I’ll never forget standing behind the Academy in a line that seemed to go for miles. It’s sad that those huge, majestic, and ornately decorated movie palaces are a thing of the past, but there is something to be said for being able to buy tickets months ahead of time for the exact seats you want.

*Although Kevin Smith liked my suggestion on Twitter that this could have been a subconscious influence on his writing of Clerks, he’s already talked about the use of the number 37 in his films. 


3 thoughts on “The Coronet

  1. Saw Star Wars for the first time from the fourth row of the Coronet as a kid! Had never sat close and the first shot of the ship’s passing overhead just blew my mind! Sorry to hear it’s gone… (The theater, not my mind – although…)

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    1. Awesome! I love hearing about people’s Star Wars memories. I remember how much booing and hissing all of us did when Vader first appeared on screen. Thanks for sharing, Amy! (PS I’m looking forward to seeing Abrams’ take on the iconic ship scene)

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