My parents took me to see Star Wars when it was first released. I ended up seeing Star Wars 22 times in the theater, somehow finding a way to tag along with every classmate, friend, cousin, or random stranger that gave me candy (just kidding) that was going to see it.

Fast forward nearly four decades later when the second teaser was released in April. I couldn’t wait to share it with my folks and that night I fired up their Roku to watch it on Youtube.

I should’ve done one of those awesome reaction videos, but I did take mental notes so I can recreate the moment here:

[scene of Vader’s mask] Mom: Uh oh, not that guy.
[R2-D2] Mom: Yay, R2-D2! He’s my favorite.
[Han and Chewie] Mom: Harrison Ford looks old.
Pop: Chewbacca looks the same.
Mom: Let’s go see it this Christmas!
Pop: Better get in line now.
Me: LOL!


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