Spelling Lesson


I pride myself on being a good speller, a dedicated follower of grammar, and a decent Star Wars trivia nerd.

Imagine my shock and embarrassment when I realized a few weeks ago that I’d been spelling Wookiee wrong for my entire life.

For years I’ve been spelling it with one “e.” Three or four seasons ago I changed my fantasy football team’s name to the Wookies. I did the same thing for my fantasy basketball team.

I’ve read a handful of Star Wars books, magazine articles, online factoids, and much more, all with a blind eye toward that second “e.” I could easily spell Chewie’s home planet Kashyyyk, but Wookiee was beyond me.

It was while I was reading something online when “Wookiee” jumped out at me. It was like a scene out of a movie: I literally shook my head and did a double take.

I googled “Wookie” and it self-corrected to “Wookiee.”

I clicked over to my fantasy sports sites and confirmed the misspelling.

I decided to stay with the misspelling until the end of my fantasy sports seasons. I’ll fix it during the off-season, like a professional sports team re-branding itself.

Mental Floss recently posted this article, which included a link to the L.A. Times’ official Star Wars style guide.

I’ve always appreciated style guides, ever since my college days studying journalism and English. They were the guides to trying to bring much-needed consistency to the always changing English language.

So I’ll never forget that extra “e” from now on, unlike the person who created the cool-looking football helmet shown above.




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