I’m grateful for J.J. Abrams and Disney for not revealing too much of Episode VII so far. They’ve done a masterful job of keeping things under wraps. They’ve introduced new characters, given us glimpses of our old favorites, and shared exactly none of the story so far.

Seriously, what do we know about the story? That Kylo Ren is trying to finish what Darth Vader started? That Finn knows how to wield a light saber? Or that we still haven’t seen Luke’s face?

Here’s what J.J. said recently:

“I hate when I go and see a trailer and I feel like I’ve just seen the whole movie in an encapsulated form, it makes me nuts. I’d rather be asking questions and feel that they’d been answered for me [by the film].”


The teasers and trailers have been amazing because we’ve felt like we just watched a Star Wars movie without actually knowing what anything means. It’s all speculation at this point.

And for that, I’m thankful.



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