Jedi Elvis


Although I never got to see the real Elvis Presley, I’ve enjoyed his music live thanks to the countless impersonators out there.

Naturally, Las Vegas is the best town to catch one of the many Elvii. I’ve seen Elvis at the now-defunct Elvis-A-Rama Museum. I’ve seen Big Elvis at the former Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon/Barbary Coast. And even though I don’t recall his show, an aunt reminded me that my cousins and I saw a child Elvis impersonator in Hawaii who grew up to become this guy.

I’ll never turn down a chance to see a Faux King do his thing, especially when it’s on Star Wars Day.

Every year around Memorial Day, the Rancho Cucamonga Library hosts its Star Wars Day. It’s a fun-filled event with lots of cosplayers and Star Wars themed activities. It’s a blast seeing all of the youngsters (and the young-at-heart) getting into the spirit of things.

This year, we were treated to Jedi Elvis, the coolest Elvis impersonator I’ve ever seen. Not only does he have a light saber microphone, but all of his songs have been changed to include Star Wars-related lyrics.

He played a short set and even though he didn’t have a live band like his other performances, Jedi Elvis rocked the event like no other. And I definitely prefer him over the Max Rebo Band.


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