Things Just Got Real


My wife and I picked up these shirts earlier today. They’re for our local comic book store’s screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The store printed these, along with badges commemorating the premiere. They’re also raffling off a bunch of Star Wars goodies at this Thursday’s screening.


I started Lando’s ‘Stache two weeks ago. I bought our tickets months ago. I’ve been fired up about Episode VII for over a year.

And now, in less than a week, I finally get to watch the darned thing.

I haven’t seen the latest international trailers and haven’t read any other Star Wars news or articles. I refuse to click on any Star Wars links. I’m seriously considering shutting down all of my social media until after I see my most-anticipated movie of my adult life.


And I may or may not wear this shirt for a week straight after Thursday.



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