Trailer Reactions


Confession: I may have gotten a little teary-eyed after watching some of those trailer reaction videos on youtube.

The excellent teasers and trailers knew exactly how to tug at all of the emotional strings in all of our hearts. From old favorites to the new stuff that looks and feels like a Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens marketing has been perfect. They’ve given us just enough to wet our beaks without giving away the whole story. While everybody’s trying to figure out the plot, I’ve been perfectly content with not thinking about it all.

I want to walk into that theater with as clean a slate as possible.

Of course, that’s nearly impossible to do in the Internet age. Spoilers abound, with every bit of gossip, actual news, half-baked theories, and what-not being reported constantly. However, one cool thing about the Internet has been the trailer reaction video. They can be silly and at times just stupid, but they’re also another way of fans connecting with each other.

Yes, we care and love this stuff too much. But sometimes it’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones.

My favorite trailer reaction by far has been John Boyega’s. It’s so easy to imagine yourself in Boyega’s shoes because it’s exactly how we’d react if any of us were ever lucky enough to be in Star Wars.


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