“I bent my Wookiee.”

It’s almost 5pm Southern California time. My wife and I are going to grab a quick bite to eat, then it’s off to the movie theater for Episode VII.


We were joking earlier about how there’s no way this is going to live up to the hype, sorta like how the Super Bowl is never actually that great of a game (although to be fair, there are just too many commercials and an extra-long halftime that messes with the game’s rhythm).

As long as it’s better than the prequels, though, I’ll be satisfied.

And to be totally honest: good or bad, I’ll be watching it multiple times in the theater.

Reminder: I won’t be posting any spoilers and I won’t be talking about The Force Awakens until after Christmas. I’ll probably just post some photos and random stuff over the next week or so.

Also, one final plea to all of us watching the film over the next few days: Don’t be a Homer.



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