Time to Talk


It’s been almost two weeks since The Force Awakens premiered, so I’m lifting my self-imposed ban on posting.

Here’s your one-and-only SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Lando’s ‘Stache is now open for all things Episode VII.

I’ve seen it twice so far, once in 3D on the 17th and once in 2D a few days later. I was surprised at how critical I was the first time I watched it, but I still thought it was better than any of the prequels. The second time I saw it was with my nephew (also his second time) and I enjoyed it for what it was: a modern reboot of our childhood.

As I wrote in October, I was hoping J.J. Abrams wouldn’t re-hash too much of the originals, but that’s exactly what he did. From the moment Poe Dameron gives BB-8 the map to the Starkiller being blown up, it’s Star Wars all over again, which probably explains my bit of disappointment after my first viewing.

Still, J.J. did his job. He made a Star Wars movie. Sure, it was basically Episode IV re-mixed, but I’ve ranked it right up there with the original trilogy. I’ll always consider Empire the best followed by the original Star Wars, but I think a case can be made for Return of the Jedi or The Force Awakens as the third-best movie. I’ll even listen to those who believe Revenge of the Sith should be ranked there.

My main problem with Episode VII was that I LOVED the new characters so much and we didn’t get nearly enough of them. Finn and Rey were outstanding and something tells me that Poe will be even better as the series goes on.

I’ll write more in the days to come. I have mixed feelings about The Force Awakens, but let me be clear: it’s a fun Star Wars movie that I enjoyed and even with its faults, the franchise is in good hands. Star Wars mania is back in the mainstream and that’s good thing. It sure beats living in a world where the bitter taste of the prequels was our last memory of Star Wars.

I’m already counting down the days until Rogue One!



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