Grindhouse Wars


This is just too perfect: Star Wars re-cut as a 70s-style exploitation movie trailer. Brilliant!


Episode VIII


No matter what your feelings are about Episode VII or the fact that Disney may/may not screw up the rest of our beloved space opera, one thing is certain: It’s AWESOME having so much new Star Wars to look forward to. Rogue One this December, Episode VIII next December, and a whole other slew of stories and merchandise to be delivered before, during, and after the movies.

The grumpy old man in me wants to tell the kids how easy they’ve got it and how I had to wait three whole years between films with no Internet for the latest rumors or chat with our fellow fans.

And we walked three miles in the snow just to watch a preview, too. We certainly couldn’t sit in the comfort of our home to watch a teaser for the next movie.

Star Wars Timeline


Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, the Star Wars Timeline game isn’t available in the USA or else I would buy it in less than 12 parsecs.

I have two of the Timeline titles and they’re always a fun “filler” game before or after longer board games. Each card has an event on one side and the same event with its date on the other side. Place your card where you think it belongs on the timeline. For example, if you think the invention of ice cream came after the discovery of fire, then place it accordingly. Flip it over to see if you’re correct. If you’re right, then you’re one step closer to winning. If you’re wrong, then choose another card and wait for your next turn. First player to get rid of their cards wins.

This Star Wars edition is exactly what I would want in a re-themed version: original trilogy scenes only (although it seems to be the Special Edition trilogy. Oh well). Just like the original game, you try to correctly place the events along the timeline. Did Chewie find 3PO in pieces before or after the spirits of Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan are reunited? (And if you miss that question you deserve to be thrown into the Sarlacc Pit.)

For a more detailed review, check out Natalie Schwen’s review on, which is the website where I’m the knightly news guy reporting the latest board game news. And if anyone in the UK wants to hook me up with a copy of Star Wars Timeline, I’ll be your best friend.